It was as hot today as it gets in summer and I think that is why I had only one phone call.  Everyone was outside gardening or else enjoying the weather.  I am afraid that my gardening days are over, but some kind people have come to my rescue by promising to plant flowers and to fill the outdoor flower pots.  While sitting in the shade, I could actually envision these pots filled with sweet scented flowers, but I shall probably have to water them almost every day.  Andy told us that the young people from the Wildlife Department were here and they plan on planting many more trees along the water stream.  He also came across some Japanese knotweed which is difficult to eradicate but he and his friends will attempt to get rid of it.  Have you noticed the photos that were posted on the Russian site?  Yuri will provide us with more photos and, in fact, he showed us how to use a miniature video camera which will certainly be of use in the future.

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