Early this morning while I was still in bed, but not yet ready to get up, I heard some animal’s voice outside.  I could tell that it was not that of a bear, or coyote, or raccoon, but it might have been a cougar because we do have them around once in a while.  It does give one a strange feeling, but not for very long.  I believe that some of the wild animals can smell the scent of Andy’s two large dogs and that might keep them away.  Let me put it this way—I shall not try to go out alone in the evening when it is dark.  This is the evening when the Narcotics Anonymous meets and I noticed that they brought seven or eight giant size pizzas, several pies, several containers of ice cream, in addition to what we left for them, that is, a large box of chocolate truffles,  and Russian piroshki. 

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