We have been using a courtesy car while our Jeep is in for repairs and I can hardly wait to get our own vehicle back.  The one we were given is a newer model Jeep but I can barely get in and out of it, as well as bonking my head and twisting my legs into the shape of a pretzel.  It also has countless gadgets that are unfamiliar to me and no doubt I shall never learn how to use them.  Perhaps I am too old fashioned, but I prefer it that way.  Our local elementary school is just a short distance from the monastery and I wondered why there was a police road block. Apparently they had given a talk to the school children about safety, then asked them to draw pictures of what could happen to careless drivers.  That was a good idea.  Each car was stopped to remind the driver, and passengers as well, that it was a school zone and it should be treated with respect, then a drawing was given to each driver. As it happens, there are many large gravel trucks that speed by this school and the road is not very wide.

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