Apparently the honeymoon is coming to an end with snow predicted for tonight.  We have been spoiled with favourable weather, as today I saw snapdragons, pelargoniums, and a few other flowers bravely facing the winter weather in an attempt to keep our spirits up.  Even the wild animals have tried to make themselves be heard as was the case very early this morning when, in the waning light of the night’s darkness, a half dozen or so coyotes began to serenade us on the doorstep of the cottage.  If one is not used to living in the wilderness, the sound of the coyotes’ wailing would probably scare a city dweller half to death.  Father Moses had a ride into town with Andy to buy some cookies for the NA meeting tonight.  It is at times like this that when we are nearly panic stricken in realizing that we have no treats to offer, that some of the members bring along an assortment of treats of their own.  Meanwhile, Andy has gone to the hall to start a fire in the wood burning stove that gives off so much heat.  This stove is a gem, giving off much more heat than an open fireplace.  I think that I have written about this a number of times already but it impresses me to feel the dry heat turning a damp hall into a cozy haven in no time at all.  

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