Sunday, January 27, 2019

When I awoke this morning, my first thought was about the weather and whether it would be sunny and warm.  There really was no reason to think about it, for it was another great day.   The church was comfortably warm without any heat, so I removed my outer sweater, then the heavy woollen vest.  When I am not serving, I usually put on my favourite epatrachilion which is royal blue in colour with gold trim, but today I decided to wear an old one, actually, one that I made myself some thirty years ago.  Our old friend Miodrag had given us some material that he had in his upholstery shop and it proved to be perfect for this purpose.  With some trepidation I managed to sew the epatrachilion and, I must say, I did an excellent job [please forgive the lack of modesty!].  After the Agape meal the “yolka” was dismantled and stored, to be used once again next year.  Little Mimi, the chihuahua was here again and so many of us doted on her.  I do believe that she was especially fond of Father Moses, as she even fell asleep in his arms. 

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