Sunday, February 3, 2019

Our unbelievable warm winter disappeared rapidly, in the blinking of an eye, that is, almost before our very eyes.  We knew that the mild weather would end one day and so it did. A cold front from the north broke through and came roaring down the Fraser Valley from Hope to Vancouver, frightening all of us into accepting this inclement reality.  Yet, not everyone reacted in a similar manner.  A Georgian family just arrived from Fort McMurray in Alberta, and for them it was of little significance, as there, they had winter for seven months, as they claimed.  We have not had much snow, although closer to Vancouver there is more snow lying on the ground. Now, let us move on to the brighter side of things. Despite this wretched weather, we had many people in church for the Liturgy and, as it so often happens, interesting visitors were present.  Someone ought to have taken a photograph of me as I was accompanied back to the cottage, all wrapped up in layers of warm outer garments and a huge black shawl fluttering like flag in a storm.  Once in the comfort of the cottage, the only thought of the storm was the tinkling of the wind chimes outside which managed to soften the harshness of the weather.  Tomorrow will be colder but, as long as we have uninterrupted power, we shall be content. 

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