Dima Gusev baked a number of loaves of pure rye bread that were used as a fund raising event.  They were quickly snapped up because he bakes an exquisite rye bread that cannot be done better by anyone.  The talent must run in the family because his father, Yuri, bakes a different type of bread, using only a mixture of natural flours, water and salt, and letting the dough rise for at least 18 hours before baking.  There were several bags of children’s clothes in the corridor and I noticed that they were almost entirely taken by those who needed them for their own children.  A group of people tackled the library, making great effort to bring some order to it, as it has been neglected and many books that were donated were simply left there.

2 thoughts to “SUNDAY 25 MARCH 2018”

  1. Unfortunately, nobody wanted to take those children’s clothes from the corridor, thus I had to take them all late Saturday night before leaving the monastery and drop them all off at the Value Village in Coquitlam on Sunday morning. I hope and pray that people stop doing this, brining stuff they do not need anymore to the monastery and just dumping it off in the corridor anonimously without even asking vladyka’s permission to do so. Our monastery is not a Value Village. We want to keep it clean and cozy.

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