As soon as I had my spinal decompression, I hurried to the hospital to visit Vladika Lazar who was pleased to see me.  I felt sorry for Vladika, as no one had dropped in for even a minute to see him on Sunday, the previous day.  Of all the dozens of us in church, not even one came to visit him.  I probably cannot imagine how he feels, being almost totally bedridden for close to six months and on this Sunday of Saint Mary of Egypt he must have felt as if he were alone in the desert.  Have we become so callous with cold hearts that we cannot drop in for even a ten minute visit?  I left the hospital with tears in my eyes!

One thought to “MONDAY 26 MARCH 2018”

  1. I feel guilty as well, but both days, Saturday and Sunday I was leaving the monastery very late with truck full of carbage left by some careless people in the passed week. I would be to late to make a visit, but some of those who left the monastery soon after Sunday service probably could do it if they wanted to. Gosd bless vladyka’s Lazar and we hope he is going to be back home very soon. We all wish him a fast and complete recovery.

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