After sleeping so soundly all night, it was difficult to get up this morning and to get ready for church.  In fact, Vladika Lazar was up and gone to church before I even began to get ready. Many of our own people are away on vacation, as I had earlier mentioned, yet there were new faces and interesting ones.  One family was from Belgium, so we heard not only English, but even a little bit of French and Flemish which delighted me, a lover of languages.  Natasha has returned from her trip abroad, and she immediately became concerned with  the gardening and its various aspects, and the household chores, prodding and encouraging all of us to become more involved.  This enthusiasm is always necessary and it can affect all of us.  Mother Evstratia, a nun from Romania, came to church with Monica and heard the Divine Liturgy in English for the first time.  She was very gracious and complimented us on the spiritual strength of the service, although the singing was a little rough at times.  We were saddened to find out that a long time acquaintance, Doctor Edward Hartley [Paul in baptism] has reposed in the Lord.  He was a pioneer in advancing the use of English in the Orthodox Church services here in the Vancouver area.  May he rest in peace.

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