It has been a fairly quiet Saturday and cool as well, so when I watered the flowers and berry bushes, I picked raspberries and ate them on the spot.  I ate the last of the gooseberries too, tasty and not tart, as they were ripe. Lija was back from her and Gintas’ long truck hauls, bearing food to prepare supper for us.  Both she and Kirill became involved in doing the laundry that Vladika Lazar and I had accumulated and it was such a relief to have it done.  We were pleased to have a new Orthodox Christian received into the Orthodox Church with the  name of Dymphna, an early saint of the West whose life is an inspiration to all. May this Dymphna be granted many years.  Quite a few were present for Vespers and the supper that followed. For a long time I felt that my room was as bright as a medieval dungeon, so I asked Kirill to do something about it.  His response was to get two larger bulbs so that the room literally shines and no longer looks gloomy.      

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