For over a month I had been searching for the battery charger for the cordless vacuum cleaner and it is nowhere to be found. While in town I dropped into our local London Drug Store [a favourite of mine] and, lo and behold, there was a new type of cordless vacuum on sale.  The words “on sale” always catch my attention, so I bought one. Now that the battery had been charged, the carpets can be cleaned properly. Perhaps that was my excitement for the day! We are looking forward to Vladika’s return on Monday and we pray that it will be the beginning of the healing process that will bring him back to full health.  I took Father Moses for a short ride on this sunny day and, looking at the mountains partially covered with fresh snow, he exclaimed,  “Who needs Switzerland when we have all this wonderful scenery around us!” Of course he was correct and we often have to remind ourselves of the beauty of our own paradise here on earth.

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