Most of the day was spent outdoors, for we served an outdoor wedding for Dan and Nadezhda. It was a bright, sunny and hot day, allowing us to appreciate this special service. The arch outside the small outdoor chapel was decorated with flowing white sheer cloth and dozens of freshly cut flowers. We all stood in the shade of the giant cedar trees during the service. Earlier in the morning tables were set up on the lawn and in the shade. The bride and groom looked splendid and not in the least nervous, and neither were their parents. It was the first time that I spent an entire afternoon outside and, aside from getting very tired, I was full of the spirit of the event. We finally went indoors for Vespers, after which I had to come to my cottage to rest, for my legs could scarcely carry me. We wish Dan and Nadezhda health and happiness and success in all things and, I am certain, they will have a happily married life.

One thought to “SATURDAY 12 MAY 2018”

  1. Vladika, I am certain that Dan and Nadezhda will have a long and happy life, after being blessed by you!
    I wish I could visit but my hurting left wing restrains me for now. God love all of you in your community!

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