Monday, March 18, 2019

It became so warm that windows had to be opened and air conditioning turned on in the Jeep.  Someone might wonder why it had to be turned on instead of opening the windows, and the answer is that the vehicle is impossibly hot if left in the sun and the air conditioning gives some immediate relief.  Many thanks to everyone who donated  to the renovating fund yesterday.  It is quickly growing and, if we keep it up at this rate, the fund should be overflowing before too long [hint, hint].  Yuri sent us many of the photos he had taken in the past year for us to upload and, I must say, he is an excellent photographer.  I am certain that you will agree when you see the photos.  Whether we get another snow storm or not, spring is really here.  You can smell it in the air and see the buds on shrubs and flowers gradually opening up.  I mentioned this more than a month ago, but the snow storms and the cold spell put an end to it all.  Now, we can look forward to the joy of spring, probably the most beautiful time of the year here in British Columbia.

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