It has been another quiet day and it is understandable, since it is Remembrance Day, a civil holiday when we remember all those who gave up their lives, particularly in the twentieth century, to fight against evil in the entire world.  How many millions of people died and millions more suffered because of greed and hatred, much to the pleasure of the Evil One.  Yet, in spite of the horrors we continue to pray, “Save O Lord, Thy people and bless Thine inheritance.”  I mentioned in yesterday’s diary entry that a little bird flew into the cottage.  I did see it briefly last night but since then there has been no sight of it.  Perhaps it was wounded or sick and it found some warmth in the cottage.  It might be unpleasant finding its remains somewhere.  Andy saw many chum salmon spawning in the water where we have our annual Theophany blessing of the water.  It seems that most of the fish die soon after spawning and the eagles fly here to feast on the dead fish.  It does sound rather gruesome but it is one aspect of nature’s dealing with our fauna and flora.

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