Alysha , the care helper, came at midmorning to help Vladika Lazar and this time my name was added to her list of clients.  This pleased me no end, as I have difficulty in putting on socks and other light tasks that will undoubtedly become more of a problem with time.  Trevor, a professional nurse, arrived later to make a full assessment and I have to thank Vladika Lazar for answering all the questions that were directed at me.  They will be monitoring my progress or lack of it and, I must say, that I had the deepest and most restful sleep in months. It was a relief to have had no visitors all day because I then get exhausted and, before I can recover, another wave of visitors comes rushing in.  Instead, Father Moses and I looked at stacks of old photographs, trying to identify faces and chuckling at not being able to recognize others. Using discarded material, four large beds were put together at the entrance to the monastery where the cedars will be planted and, once having taken root, they will be of great help in keeping back the snow that sweeps across the field from the east whenever we have blizzards.  It is typical of us here in British Columbia, that although winter has not yet officially arrived, we are already constantly talking about the shrubs, trees and flowers that will bud forth in spring.   

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