Friday, March 22, 2019

I am back as the writer of the Daily Diary.  I missed three days, as I was in hospital having a hip replacement which, at least according to the surgeon, was most successful.  The staff was particularly kind and helpful, as was the surgeon himself.  Davey brought me back to the monastery this afternoon where I must now recover.  Unfortunately, I will not be allowed to drive for at least a month and that will be difficult, as I really enjoy driving. A number or restrictions have been imposed on me, but in a month or two, things should be back to normal.  The hospital food was good, although my sense of taste was temporarily destroyed because of the multitude of pills I has to take. Nights are the most difficult, for I lie in bed either trying to read or else thinking of what to write in the next diary entry, but I am told that everything returns to normal in a couple of weeks or so after such an operation.

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