I have almost decided to replace our grape vines with berries because when the grapes ripen they must be picked quickly before the raccoons and other creatures eat them, while the berries can be enjoyed each day.  I go out and pick a small handful of berries over several weeks, if not longer.  There continues to be a pungent smell around the ramp, as it has been waterproofed which should last for several decades I hope [the waterproofing, not the smell!].  We drove to the Abbotsford Airport to pick up Father Sebastian who flew here from Winnipeg, although he is from Ukraine. I knew that he would be hungry by the time we got back, so we fed him with yesterday’s borshch, buckwheat kasha with mushrooms and kvas, much to his delight.  Since he speaks only Russian and Ukrainian, he might have difficulty in communicating with some people, but I feel that he will do very well.

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