Fr. Moses’ Daily Diary, 07 March, 2020

This day has been of interest for several reasons. The first is that our good friend, Kyril, came for the weekend and has been of much help here at the monastery, doing a multitude of chores which we are no longer able to physically accomplish.
As well, he brought Mimi, our favourite Golden Chihuahua, who is always a treat to spend time with. At the present time, Mimi is shedding badly, which is rather unusual for her because she is a short hair dog and very well groomed. Unlike many dogs of her breed, Mimi is rather quiet and patiently sits and watches our comings and goings in a way that many of us might envy. Hmm! It would be interesting to know what goes through Mimi’s little Golden Chihuahua mind as she views our activities.
We served the evening Vesper service at 19.00 but no one came so it seems like we shall be reverting to the usual hour of 17.00, for the time being.

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