Fr. Moses’ Daily Diary, 01 March, 2020

Once again we struggle to regain a sense of balance in our daily life and the understanding of the various kinds of human loss that are possible. We still feel the loss of Vladika Varlaam while striving to honour his memory. Regarding this, many people have commented on the new memorial Cross which has been erected very near the barn. The cross can be seen from the main road when driving onto the monastery parking area; it is large, shining white, and a tactful reminder of the life that Vl. Varlaam shared with all of us.
….At the same time, we also have learned that our Fr Victor shall be returning to Moldava, and this has proved to be another adjustment we shall have to make.
….From the opposite perspective, we are pleased to welcome back Dmitri (Dima) from his visit to Moscow where he visited the sacred monastery of Sergiev Posad and was able to pray for the soul of our Vladika Varlaam, which we greatly appreciate.

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