Daily Diary, July 16, 2020

This has proved to be another hot and humid day, the kind that makes a person want to immerse themselves in a container of cold water and remain there all day. Even so, there was work to be done and so the thought of cold water had to be put aside and then the daily activity continue.

In the early afternoon, I took a break in order to have lunch. Today I ate the remainder of the large salad that had been made on Sunday: Shredded cabbage with chopped eggs and tiny cubes of vegetables. I was going to blend it with buckwheat kasha but the kasha was no where to be found. The end result was that I had a peanut butter sandwich on rye bread along with the salad and a juicy nectarine, all washed down by a large glass of Inka.

Andy and Sasha were running around, trimming all manner of green and bushy plants. Hopefully this will help to reduce the mosquito population, though as I type this diary entry, it seems that there are still plenty of these pests flying around and bothering us.

Looking out my window, I can see the N.A. people who have created a large bonfire and are having an outdoor meeting. This week, the number of people attending is quite large. I don’t know how they are able to tolerate the mosquitoe population.

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