Daily Diary, 21 March, 2020

Although things have “slowed down” due to the Carona virus, there are still various activities being carried on at the monastery.
The first to keep in mind is the daily reading of the Moleben services which continues to be served. As well, any of the 40 day requests for the reposed are also being honoured; both of these are read by Fr Moses so there is no worry about group contamination when these services are read.
Even though the feast day of the Veneration of the Cross is on Sunday and there will not be a service for that day, a large hand-painted cross was set up on the analoy in the middle of the church, decorated with greenery and flowers so that visitors to the monastery might come to pray and honour the cross in an individual manner. Although we are being cautious about group contamination, there is no reason to neglect our remembrance and celebration of the holy feast days, even if this must be done in a subdued and simpler manner.

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