Daily Diary, 12 March, 2020

Not too much to report to the diary today. It was a beautiful day with a lot of sun for most of the day. Still, the air is rather chilled so creates a startling contrast between the interior and exterior temperatures. Although I am not feeling too well today, it was possible to take some interesting photographs which have been added to an ever growing collection.

THE ORTHODOX CHURCH IN UKRAINE has given the following advice to all the parishes to observe during the coronavirus epidemic. This seems to be a sound advice, and so we will follow the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and Institute these precautions.

1. Do not kiss icons when you enter the church. Simply reverence them with a bow.

2. The priest should not give the dismissal with the Cross for people to kiss.

3. Greet each other with a bow instead of with a hug or a kiss [this would include not kissing priests hand when he give you a blessing].

4. All gatherings other than the divine liturgy should be cancelled for the time being; this includes meals and coffee hours after the liturgy. These are temporary measures to help curtail the spread of Corvid –19.

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