Daily Diary, 21 May, 2020

This proved to be a bit of a busy day due to a bit more arrangement of books in the library and also a chance to catch up on laundry. At this time, we are trying to get the library into some kind of working order and this begins with the settling of the encyclopedic sets of “writings of the fathers”. There are actually two sets, an original and one which is a recent reprint of the original set which had been translated from various languages (Syriac, Greek, Latin, Slavonic, and so on), into English and printed by the William B. Eerdman Publishing Company. This company has published some wonderful and interesting books during the last 25 years and continue doing so.

Looking out the larger picture window, I see that the N.A. people are having a meeting. Just as was done last week, they have created a fire at the fire pit and are gathered around, doing what they do, and enjoying the warm glow of fire and friends.

Before signing off on this day’s diary entry, it is interesting to note that during this day in the kitchen, I learned that when a recipe on carton gives the instruction to “beat with a whisk or stir with a beater”, that is precisely what should be done. I tried to substitute by using a blender and this was an absolute failure. Rather than the result being a nice and thick pudding, all that resulted was a runny, almond flavoured liquid; well, we learn from our mistakes.

Again, sending the greeting to the diary, “Christ is Risen!”

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