Daily Diary, 20 May, 2020

This day was another slow and pleasant day. The weather was a bit cool and the sky overcast for part of the day but not uncomfortable.

My riassa was coming apart at the seams so part of the day was spent in sewing the sleeves back on and making repairs (by hand) to the pocket which was also detaching from the body of the riassa. It is rather difficult to sew black thread on black fabric so I was wondering how people who sew all black garments prevent blindness. It is quite a strain on the eyes, especially when a mistake is made and the seams have to be ripped out and sewn over again.

I met Andy in the kitchen and he reminded me that the bottle of Borsec Mineral Water, and the new jar of Inka, were for me. As all the diary readers know, Inka is one of my favourite beverages and I drink it almost every day.

The outdoor lighting today was perfect for photography so there was a chance to get some excellent photographs. With so many photographs loaded onto my little phone, it seems that soon it shall be necessary to transfer these onto a memory stick in order to continue taking more and better photos.

This day, like every day of this festal period, ends with the greeting, “Christ is Risen!”

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