Daily Diary, 2 June, 2020

This was another cold and overcast day. For this reason, most of the day was spent indoors. Most of the day was the usual but today, for the first time, I worked on making a new pair of curtains for a window.

I thought it would be a simple task but it is proving to be more difficult than imagined. First of all, not all fabrics are the same nor are they easy to work with in the same ways. As well, it proved to be necessary to remove the seams from both panels of cloth, which meant using the seam remover. This was not only time consuming but I also jabbed myself with the ripper several times in the process. Once the seams were removed from both panels, then measurements were taken and new seams sewn. At this time, the curtains are half completed but look pretty good and should fit the window just as hoped.

A number of people have written enotes which need to be responded to, especially since I am falling behind in correspondences. Most of these are not for pleasure, but they are pleasant and I very much enjoy writing to those who share email with me.

I almost forgot to mention in my yesterday diary note that when Dima was having tea, he and I talked about many subjects, including the need for educational material for Orthodox people; the need is for all levels of materials for all levels of Orthodox awareness. There are already many available materials for Orthdox people who are theologically well educated and informed but for more simple people or those who lack education in the faith, there is often little available. We also discussed iconography and the lack of appropriate icons, often due to this same lack of knowledge concerning the Orthdoox Faith and proper iconographic standards. So much work to be done and so few people to do it !

As the sun began to set over the mountains of our little valley, I went out onto the balcony and took several beautiful shots showing the texture and colouring of the clouds, as well as the opalescent setting of the sun and the resulting glow; it was breathtaking.

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