Saturday, 1 August, 2020

The weekend is here and the weather is pretty much the same. This means the planned outdoor Liturgy for tomorrow. I have my trusty umbrella and fan ready for the day.

Today, Kirill was here but left to collect his son for what seerms to be another camping/hiking adventure. Before leaving, he showed me a couple of things that I could do with the memory sticks that someone passed to me as a gift. There are several rather long written works that I had bookmarked and was a little worried that if these weren’t stored on a memory device, this information might be lost. Some of the information I had found for Vladika Varlaam when we were doing research on various topics, others were found when searching for information on icons and much of it would be difficult to find once again. Any way, now it is possible to store scads and scads of information on the memory stick so that even if it is removed from the web, it will still be available and I think that is pretty amazing.

At 17.00, Vespers was served in the big church. The church was stiflingly hot but the service was read and then I went to find the icon banners which I had promised Fr Markel so that these might be set out for the Liturgy tomorrow. After this, I was exhausted so came back to my little computer in order to write the diary entry, then relax with a tall and tasty glass of water and a bit of yoghurt.

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