Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Not much happened today, other than the usual, but a bit was accomplished. The day began with the 40 day prayers and then I had to wait for a call from Andy who arranged to take me into town for a blood test and the restoration of my prescription. This was accomplished without much difficulty and was followed by a trip to our favourite B.K. (Burger King) for their wonderful fish sandwiches and delicious coffee. We then topped by the public library which I haven’t visited for a very long time. There was an order of books which I had requested before the Dormition Fast began and the books finally arrived. At this time, it is now possible to enter the library to collect book requests and the checkout process has been simplified, though it is still a bit daunting. Archbishop Lazar is creating the cover for a new book and I took a photo of the beautiful icon of Saint John and his Scribe, Prohor, which will be the basis of the cover for this work. The photo was sent but didn’t seem to get through so had to be sent again from my trusty little phone/camera, to his email site.

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