Fr. Moses’ Daily Diary, 05 March, 2020

Today has proved to be another fine day during our Great Lenten period. This evening we celebrated the service of Compline and the reading of the Canon of St Andrew of Crete. As before, the Canon reminded us of our imperfections and the need to work on correcting them with “faith and trembling” meaning that we take our lenten efforts seriously. If we take our lenten season seriously, those around us will see our efforts and view lent as a serious and worthwhile time. If, however, we don’t treat Great Lent as a serious time, those around us will also not treat it as a serious part of life. From this, we can learn that our observing lent is just another missionary effort that any Orthodox Christian can make, to share our Faith with those around us. In other words, acting the faith often speaks much louder than just talking about the faith.

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