What a delightful baptism we had today, if one can call a baptism delightful.  Really, what I meant was that the service flowed freely without any hesitations and seven year old Alexandra was dressed in a long white gown adorned with white roses, making her look so elegant, but being the child that she is. Kirill’s chihuahua Mimi melted Alexandra’s heart as she rushed to play with the little dog before we could begin the baptism.  I cannot blame her, for I also had to hold Mimi and play with her throughout the day.  There was more activity on the rooftop which looks a hundredfold better than before.  We are so grateful for all the work done by our pious volunteers.  Afternoon visitors arrived while I was resting, still we had a good conversation and one which, I hope, was of spiritual benefit.  Thank you Apostolos Apostolidis, an old friend from this area originally, for a like click the other day which reminded me that there are readers of this diary in Switzerland. It might be interesting to know where the readers of this diary are found, so do not hesitate to let me know where you live.

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