Friday, March 8, 2019

As I had probably mentioned before, the Mission Community Services sends a woman each Friday to clean the cottage.  The previous woman used to spend about thirty five minutes and then leave, while our new one spends a full two hours, which is what they are allotted.  She is excellent, and the floor, the counters are clean and shining, the bathroom spotless, and so forth.  We are fortunate in having her to help us and even to spoil us, for today she brought a tin of English chocolates which, after sampling a few pieces, we sent  to the kitchen where others can enjoy them.  For several days Vladika Lazar has been under the weather, so today I drove him to a clinic where the doctor told him that he had a case of strep throat and was given a prescription for some antibiotics, by which time he was already feeling better and now, late in the evening, he looks and feels good.  The lenten prayer of Saint Ephraim the Syrian was brought out and multiple copies made to hand out on Sunday, as this pray is used constantly during Great Lent and is one of the most wholehearted and expressive of prayers that should be used even out of the bounds of Lent. 

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