To avoid two trips into town, both Vladika and I first went to my chiropractor for my monthly spinal decompression after which  Vladika had his therapy session, not of course, at the chiropractic clinic.  It had been raining fairly heavily all day and we got quite wet merely going from the vehicle to the buildings.  And, the days are becoming so short and dark that soon after four o’clock in the afternoon, one can readily notice darkness quickly falling upon us. If anyone would like to live close to the monastery, our neighbours are selling their house together with other buildings and a large piece of land, but as you can guess, there is one slight problem: it is on sale for $1,600,000.  If you can afford it, you will not be disappointed.

We mentioned in yesterday’s diary that the panagia of Saint John of Shanghai was presented in the church for people to venerate, but we did not have a photo available. Now we have one and it is presented below.

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