Last night Andrei [not to be confused with Andy] saw a bear on the monastery road as he was leaving and this morning I glanced out my bedroom window and saw that bear sitting in the tall grass just a few feet away.  There is nothing left for him to eat except the figs which bears do not seem to like.  In fact, I am disappointed that no one has come to pick them because they soon will be gone.  Just yesterday I stopped at the green grocer’s and saw individual local figs selling for $1.50 each.  Although I mentioned this before, I ate, what might be, the last of our raspberries and strawberries.  Father Shio had difficulty with baking his prosphora, the first one having cracked down the centre, so he had to make another one.  The same thing happened to me later in the day and I have no idea what has caused that. 

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