Father Moses accompanied me for my appointment with the specialist where we waited for at least forty five minutes before being called into his office. This is quite normal for him, as he is overloaded with patients, but an excellent specialist.  He acknowledged that I am still alive and should be for some time, so we went to our favourite diner where we had breakfast, served by a waitress who calls us “dear” or other such endearing names that we never hear at the monastery.  We then went to the Red Cross office to give them a wheel chair that we did not need, did some other errands, and returned home, felling quite tired.  In fact, I had to take a little nap.  Unfortunately, all of us are feeling aches and pains, particularly in the joints, as the weather is changing from sunny to rain tomorrow, nevertheless,  the green fields, forests and lawns give us encouragement.
[Photos below: an eagle soars high above the monastery; the mountains around us begin to wear their winter coats]

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