I was not anxious to see what more damage the ravens might have made, but it was something that had to be examined.  They seemed not to have done much more mischief, yet they might be back to do more. Alas, no one has offered any advice on how to get rid of them.  While I was out on the balcony and the ramp, the morning sun had not yet warmed the wooden planks, so they were icy and slippery. This could have been dangerous, so Misha sprinkled salt and all was well after that.  We were short on readers this morning and, in fact, if I remember correctly, there were only three readers at the kliros for the entire liturgy, yet they did well.  We had a joint service today with the Georgians, so the altar was full of young Georgian servers.  Even though this is the second day of December, the wood burning stove in the hall was not in use so, in effect, no heat was provided, yet it was comfortable enough, particularly with the heat from the bright sun.  Perhaps next Sunday we shall have to start a fire in the stove.

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