Every couple of months the foot care lady, as we call her, comes to work on my feet, as it is too difficult for me to do it myself.  We have built up a nice relationship with exchanging plants and horticultural ideas.  Today she bought sixty large candles from the amount that I ordered from our favourite candle manufacturer in Toronto and, in exchange, she is planning on giving us some berry bushes to transplant.  Early this evening, expected quests arrived, much to my delight.  Ekaterina and Mikhail flew in from Moscow and drove straight to the monastery for a visit before driving away to the east, to the Rocky Mountains and Alberta where they will be engaged in aerial photography.  I hope  that the weather will be cooperative, for Alberta had a huge snowfall just the other day.  From there they will fly to Los Angeles where  they will have an exhibit at one of the Orthodox Churches.  Soon after, Lija and Gintus arrived, having cleared their apartment of all furnishings, now that they both will be long distance drivers and can actually live in their giant truck.  We shall miss them, of course, but I am certain that they will be coming to this part of the world from time to time. 

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