Something happened along the way and I lost my diary entry for this day, so I shall have to begin anew.  As it happens, I am too ignorant concerning computers, otherwise I could have pressed a button or key, or uttered some magical mumbo-jumbo  and the computer would be off in high gear.  As a result, I shall try to make it brief and to the point.  For a moment we rejoiced, thinking that Vladika Lazar had retrieved the text, but that was not to be.  I neglected to mention that those who went on the Cross Procession on Sunday were pampered [and rightly so.]  Andy completed the ladder that descended into the stream, built a screen for those who wished to change into dry clothing and also a fire pit so that these same people could warm up before changing or else heading back to the church.  I hope that we get some photos soon to  put up for all to see.  I understand that there were many who went on this procession and into the cold but blessed water.  Upon returning to the hall, they would have found a roaring fire in the fire place that warmed all of us.                                                                                                                                           

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