Thursday, September 24, 2020

After the terrible storm last night, today seemed extremely calm and peaceful. I am estimating that last night we had extreme lightning for nearly an hour, which was so close that I could see it flashing past the balcony. As well, it rained quite hard but today was partly cloudy and partly sunny here at the monastery, so an enjoyable day. I took a walk out into the field to see if I could find spots where the lightning had struck, by either looking at burned grass or damaged trees, but could not find any clues or traces of lightning damage. Following this, I then took a walk over to the area near the memorial garden to view the granite wall which is being constructed, as well as the Georgian pavilion. At that time, the sky was a bit overcast so the lighting was perfect for taking photos which are a welcome addition to the collection that is already being made of improvements and new construction at the monastery.

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