The entry for each day of the diary is written in the evening, sometimes very late, but today I am doing this in the afternoon, as I have an announcement to make.  A number of people have been asking for a blessing to begin what could be called group praying.  This is especially common in Russia where hundreds of thousands of people will pray at a certain time each week for the health of the ill, for the memory of the reposed, etc.  Each person will read the exact same prayers so that in unity all can join forces for the health and salvation of all.  If you are interested please send your email to Katia at who will coordinate everything that is to be emailed to each person.  So far only Russian and English will be used, so please state your preference. Vladika Lazar has given his blessing for it to be under the direction of the Monastery of all Saints, so I am sure that it will be a God pleasing endeavour.

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