As it so often happens, upon reflecting on the events of the day, there seems nothing worth mentioning.  And this is what I thought tonight, until I began to recall the interesting events of the day.  A young nurse, a man from Manitoba originally and of a Mennonite background, came to tend to Vladika’s dressings.  Then a home care woman came to help Vladika, after which Elena arrived to prepare soup and a main course for Vladika and, soon after that, Nikolai came to clean and repaint a memorial cross  that he had earlier promised to do.  It was a surprise to see Vlad come to work again on the structure for the Holy Well, accompanied by his wife Doina who had been away in Romania for at least two months, looking after her ailing mother.  How wonderful it was to see her back again.  Our kids came from the city and worked on the computers, also bringing Vladika’s main computer from its original place and setting it up here in the little cottage, making half the kitchen look like a computer centre.

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