Another sunny day—how fortunate can we be?  It does not make any difference if we have more snow storms because spring is not just ‘in the air’ as people say, but it is evident with plants coming back to life, and the air  filled with Mother Earth’s welcoming fragrance.  We had forgotten that today is British Columbia Family Day, a public holiday, so that many were able to enjoy a long weekend away from home.  I must say that living here, every day is a holiday and we must not forget that. Stavroula has been so patient with us.  She began by helping Vladika Lazar, then me, then Yuri and now Thomas.  Only Father Moses has not yet fallen into line.  Perhaps it is also difficult at times to work with men, as they can be stubborn, uncooperative and unpredictable , often like preteen boys [but their hearts are full of love and gratitude!

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