Daily Diary, 22 April, 2020

Today was what I consider to be another meaningful and productive day. “Why?”, you ask. Well, to begin, since things are not so rushed, there is time to properly read the prayers for the reposed which is being done for the next 40 days. As well, there was time to return to the sewing machine, and continue studying directions which the manual offers by way of the computer. I am also slowly sending replies to many e-notes the monastery has received during the past few days, wishing to the monastery and the parishioners all the joy of the Paschal season.

Finally, last but definitely not least, the culinary adventures continue at the monastery kitchen. Today the specialty was again instant rolled oats but today they were blended with sour cream, now that the fast has ended. As well, mixed in was a wonderful pumpkin sauce, chopped walnuts and finely chopped dried apricots. What a delight! Also since the fast has ended, on the menu were boiled Pascha eggs and, a huge glass of hot Inka, with vanilla ice cream added. In order to keep things healthy, there was also a large, juicy apple to end the meal.

Even though the weather is rather cool and wet and overcast, the brightness of Bright Week continues to illuminate the days and remind us of that, “Christ is Risen!”

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