Daily Diary, 20 April, 2020

Today being Bright Monday, I decided to try my hand at a bit more culinary exploring. Even though there is no fasting all week, I still wanted to make a bowl of kasha but, with eggs and other foods being allowed, this gave a few new choices in what and how to prepare the kasha. First of all, I fried some beautiful mushrooms someone had left, then added that tomato sauce with vegetable particles (chopped pepper, chopped onion), added a large helping of delicious Hommous and fried it in amazingly tasty olive oil. After all this was nicely browned, I broke two eggs onto the kasha and covered it with a lid to complete the cooking process by actually steaming the eggs. When this was completed, I then made a large glass of one of my favourite drinks, Inka, and had my “Monday of Pascha” feast. As an extra treat, I had a bowl of peach yogurt and then returned to the computer. A very nice meal for a beautifully spring day.

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