Daily Diary, 2 May, 2020

Another busy day. The first order of business was to go back onto the computer in order to check for some new recipes. There is an interesting site in which the person controlling the content has created recipes that require only 3 ingredients, are easy for beginners, and are nutritious. I have bookmarked this site!

Upon arriving back in the kitchen, I made a bowl of instant oatmeal and today it was blended with ground up almond and coconut flour which is delicious without adding sweeteners of any kind. Added to this was a cup of diced, dried apricots. Dessert was a big and delicious grapefruit.

In the evening, Archbishop Lazar and I went into his office for the serving of Vespers. Today, however, it was to be a bit different because we were gathered with a number of our parishioners, on Zoom. This is the first time I have totally taken part in a Zoom service. Previously I was heard and seen on Zoom but could not hear or see anyone who was taking part. It is a bit different when you are both viewing and hearing what is happening. Adding to the interest is the exhibition of the text on the computer screen, scrolling down as the service progresses. It was good to see familiar faces and to hear their voices and share the praying of the Vesper prayers with them. I often said in the past that I would never take part in any kind of computerised service but it seems that the change in present circumstances has transformed my resolve in this instance, though I am still a bit uncomfortable with the idea and made several mistakes during our Zoom Vesper service.

Sunday morning we shall be having Obednitsa again, though it will be just Archbishop Lazar and myself, not on Zoom. At 2 in the afternoon, however, the Zooming parishioners shall be gathered for a group Meleti and discussion so I wish you success and end with the reminder that, “Christ is Risen!”

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