Daily Diary, 11 June, 2020

This day has been pretty quiet and peaceful. During most of the day, it has been sunny and warm but now that evening is approaching, the clouds have once more begun to cast a veil over the sky and cause the temperature to drop.

Kirill came for a visit and to have tea and a chat and brought some wonderful and useful gifts. The first is a set of racks which are excellent for use in drying various projects. When any kind of panel is varnished, these can be set into these racks, which will allow the air to circulate on all sides, thus drying them in a uniform manner and without taking up a lot of space. The second gift is something that he did as a favour:

I have for a very long time maintained a deep love and respect for the Theotokos. One aspect of my devotion is a medal of the Theotokos which I wanted to wear on a chain but there was no loop through which to thread the cord or chain for wearing. Kirill took the medal, drilled a hole at the top so that I could loop a tiny ring through the hole and, in turn, thread a metal chain through this ring and so am now wearing it.

As I was walking from the kitchen back to my little place to open the computer, it was possible to spy a small rabbit beneath one of the benches. It was quite small and seemed to be a baby. This was pretty interesting sooo, I got out my little camera, crept closer to the bench and was able to get a pretty clear photo of the rabbit. There were also a number of eagles circling the field but it was not possible to capture them with the camera or to see what kind of mischief they were up to.

This is the ending to an excellent day.

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