We were told that the installation of new windows in the hall has made a great difference in the retention of heat.  A small fire was started in the stove and even in later afternoon, there was still no chill in the large space.  Thinking back on past years, the cold seeped right through the windows in drafts and kept the hall much too cool.  Although attendance was good at church, fewer than usual stayed for the agape meal. The Georgian congregation, on the other hand, grew with new people attending, and even driving great distances to be present. Father Moses has a birthday tomorrow, but since he does not celebrate birthdays, we had a small non birthday supper for him.  Monica returned later in the afternoon with two large cases of persimmons so I have no idea how we will dispose of them   They are ripe and must be eaten soon, so no doubt we shall be having persimmons three times a day and for snacks as well.
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