October can be an interesting month because mornings are often misty which creates a magical scene that is gradually transformed by the rising sun. I particularly like the tiny dewdrops that form on intricate cobwebs, giving them the appearance of ancient Indian jewels.  After yesterday’s episode with the wild animals, we were cautious today, but there was no repeat of this unexpected event.  Our faithful men spent most of the day working on the water line, but without success.  It is so frustrating for them and, indeed, for all of us that this problem is still unresolved. While preparing to cross a street in town, a man came up and asked me if we still had the tigers at the monastery.  Some of you will remember that the completion of the filming of “India-Kingdom of the Tigers” was done here many years ago.  It is a long and interesting story that I can share with you one day.  In the meantime, you can see this film on Youtube.

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