A few people thought that we would have had a fire in the wood burning stove in the hall, as it was chilly early this morning, but I have not allowed it yet, because it would have been unbearably hot by the time we came for the Agapi dinner. Perhaps we shall start using the stove in December.  It was a joy to see a well known German soccer player present with his parents, so some of us attempted to use the little German that we knew. Since it will be my name day tomorrow, Many Years was sung for me.  I should have known better than to admire the hand cross stitched vest a Georgian was wearing because, before I could say anything, he quickly took it off and handed it to me.  My protests were in vain, and I had to take it,  as such is he Georgian custom.  If you admire something of theirs, they will gladly give it to you.  Today’s prosphora was baked by Fr Alexey’s son, Sergey, as I have given up making them, having made several thousand of them. This teenager produced a very successful prosphora.

[Vladika Lazar. Meleti: Theological words-simple definitions]

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