It has been another ideal day, sunny and warm with a slightly golden tinge to the mountains, while farm fields were in brilliant green with next year’s crop already coming up.  Father Moses took his mobile phone to photograph this wonderful scenery, and near sunset, he captured the snow clad mountain tops displaying their pale lilac hues as well as the farm fields, brilliant in their green attire. As the day progresses, a slightly golden tint is noticeable in the air before twilight arrives.  I, in turn, photographed our November flowers which included asters and red roses.  This is not unusual, as when we moved to this site in 1991 in early November, there also were many flowers and, in fact, the white roses survived until the first week of December. We even had a rhododendron that began blossoming in mid January.  How sad it felt to enter the old computer and printing rooms, where for some twenty five years there was constant activity, printing, and binding books and other material, and now  one can sense the end of an era of such fervent missionary activity.  The time, has come, however, for others to continue the work to which we were so closely attached, yet we struggle to remain as active as possible in the life of this monastery.

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