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Reality is not the enemy of truth; truth is never harmed by reality. Reality can be despised and what is untrue can be embraced, by depising the one cannot make it false, and embracing the other cannot make it true.
-Archbishop Lazar

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True Morality vs Moral Outrage

A pondering by Vladika Lazar

I want to repeat some things that I have said before because of some current political circumstances both in secular politics and within the Church: True morality consists far more in how well we care for others than in the external behaviour we demand of others. This is why moralism is truly immoral and, moreover, moralism is the last refuge of the pervert.

What is true cannot be a heresy and what is false cannot be sound doctrine. We must stop telling lies as if we were doing so to defend doctrine. We cannot demand of educated people that they must chose between God and truth, but that they cannot have both. Nevertheless this is being done, and it is not only immoral, but it is feeding atheism far more than any militant atheist could ever hope to.

Fear cannot produce sincere repentence, but only trigger a survival instinct which produces a false formula of repentence. Such repentance is not about being sorry for sins, but about regretting that you cannot get away with them. Only love can produce a true, heartfelt repentance.

Moral outrage is a form of public confession; we hate most in others what we fear most in ourselves.

Orthodoxy of the mind is merely an intellectual excercise. Until one attains to Orthodoxy of the heart, one is still an alien to the faith. This is why the prayer of the heart directs us to bring the mind into the heart.

With some sort of power, you can brutalise and bully people into what you consider correct external behaviour according to one or another "moral code," but like the law of the Old Testament, this cannot save anyone, it cannot serve for the transformation of the inner person.

Hypocrisy is among the greatest acts of immorality and sin. It is 100 times worse when the hypocrit is a hierarch or priest. It not only destroys the soul of the hypocrit but forms a stumbling block to others who seeking to follow Christ.

In Christ, Vladika Lazar.

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