Saturdays   VESPERS           5 pm

Sundays     MATINS             8 am

LITURGY           10 am

FEAST days       GREAT VESPERS on the EVE OF THE FEAST   5 pm

HOURS               9:30 am on THE FEAST

LITURGY           10 am on THE FEAST

There is a potluck meal after each Liturgy

January 2019

The schedule of services for THE FEAST OF THEOPHANY

Friday, 18 January               VESPERS           5 pm

Saturday, 19 January           HOURS               9:30 am

LITURGY           10 am with the Blessing water and Cross Procession to the river

VESPERS           5 pm

Sunday, 20 January             MATINS      8 am

LITURGY      10 am

February 2019

Thursday 14 February  Vespers at 5 pm
Friday 15 February Liturgy at 10 am